2021 season cut short due to COVID-19

Firstly I’d like to start by saying a very BIG THANK YOU to you all. Without our members and sponsors we are not a club.

As hard as it has been, to have to cut the season short due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in NSW, this season started off as a record breaking season for the Kingsgrove Colts club. Altogether with players, coaches, trainers, managers and volunteers, we had 452 members register for the 2021 season.

2020 saw the introduction of 2 girls league tag and tackle teams, a first in the history of Colts. This year in 2021, we have grown to have 6 girls teams (across both league tag and tackle). Well done to all the girls who laced up their footy boots and ran onto that field, it was a great achievement and we are so very proud of you all.

We also welcomed a large number of new families to the Colts, along with their new ideas and Footy knowledge too! We had members that hadn’t played at Colts before, in all age groups, and were glad to see them do so well. We are privileged that you choose Colts as your new club.

With every new season comes the start of a new generation of enthusiastic, keen, footyheads to the U6’s. We are blessed that they had the guidance of Uncle Leba and Maroun to get them through those first couple training sessions and games.

Even though the 2021 season has been cut short, we are all looking forward to the 2022 season ahead.

Thank you all for your support.

Kingsgrove Colts President

Download the 2021 Spring Newsletter for additional information about the 2021 season.

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